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Balaji Testimonials

HariOM Priest Krishnamuthy garu,


Thanks for everything. Yes You are right the kalyanam event is one of the most successful events of the TANA 16th Conference. We couldn't have done at all with out your help. Thanks for spending lots of mote hours of your time than anticipated. Several families came to me after the Kalyanam event asked me from which city in USA the priest belongs to. When I asked them why, they replied that they would like to have their next puja event at their home with you. At least 15 to 20 folks enquired me. They seems really liked the way you chanted and delivered the slokas.

We expected around 200-300 families. But as per Andhra Jyaothi estimates the crowd seems to be around 600-700 families who took the prasadam by counting the puja plates used. The whole event vibrated the audience spiritually and emotionally. Thanks for everything.

I have already passed over your invoice to Dr Hema Prasad garu. I plan to stop by to pickup your cheque today. I will call you when I return so that I can deliver this to you right away. Sorry for the delay as I was busy with my work, home and kids activities. Thanks again...Job well done.

I also will try to find a direction on the Idols going back to Detroit. Kindly be patient for another day.